Drastically Speed Up WordPress with Progressive Loading

What is progressive loading?

“Progressive loading” can mean many different things. Generally, it means partially loading something first, then loading the rest later. In this article, “progressive loading” refers to loading HTML in chunks.

PHP uses buffers to improve efficiency. Buffers batch up PHP output so your server can send fewer responses. Without buffers, your server would have to send a response each time PHP generates output (e.g. by calling echo)…

Using APCu with PHP 7, WordPress, and W3 Total Cache

APC consists of 2 parts: opcode caching and memory caching. PHP 5.5 and newer have built-in opcode caching, so APC is no longer supported. A new PECL package, APCu, was created for the memory caching part. The prefix for APC memory caching functions changed from “apc” to “apcu”. For example, apc_store became apcu_store and apc_fetch became apcu_fetch.

APCu Backwards Compatibility

Some plugins, such as W3 Total Cache, are still using the apc_* functions…