The 4 Best WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress has pretty good on-page SEO by default, but an SEO plugin will help make it even better. SEO plugins let you customize your title format, add social media meta tags, add structured data, and lots more. Here are 4 of the best WordPress SEO plugins.

Yoast SEO

Improve your WordPress SEO: Write better content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using the Yoast SEO plugin.

By Team Yoast

5.0 rating based on 26,706 ratings
1+ Million Active Installs
Yoast is the most popular WordPress SEO plugin and it was the standard SEO plugin that everyone used and loved. However, I find that Yoast is bloated with features that I don’t need. It contributed to ~10% of my dashboard’s load time, prompting me to search for an alternative. Nevertheless, I liked Yoast’s Page Analysis feature. The feature analyzes posts as you write and gives you hints to help you improve your post’s SEO. Yoast is great if you’re looking for a feature-rich plugin with a solid core that has been improved on for years.

All in One SEO Pack

The original WordPress SEO plugin, downloaded over 50,000,000 times since 2007.

By Michael Torbert

4.5 rating based on 442 ratings
1+ Million Active Installs
All in One SEO Pack is Yoast’s primary competitor. All in One SEO Pack has more downloads than Yoast in the WordPress repository, but downloads have fallen in recent years. All in One SEO Pack has similar features as Yoast, but it doesn’t have a post analyzer. All in One SEO Pack is a bit more lightweight than Yoast, so I’d recommend it over Yoast if you don’t need the post analyzer.

SEO Ultimate

This all-in-one SEO plugin gives you control over meta titles & descriptions, open graph, auto-linking, rich-snippets, 404 monitoring, siloing &am …

By SEO Design Solutions

4.0 rating based on 97 ratings
100,000+ Active Installs
SEO Ultimate is less popular than the previous two plugins, but that doesn’t mean it’s worse. My favorite part about this plugin is being able to turn off individual features, so I can keep just what I need. SEO Ultimate also has several features that the other SEO plugins don’t have, such as a link mask generator and “Deeplink Juggernaut”. However, I’m not sure how useful these features actually are.

The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework plugin provides an automated and advanced SEO solution for your WordPress website.

By Sybre Waaijer

5.0 rating based on 201 ratings
90,000+ Active Installs
The SEO Framework is the newest plugin in this post; it has far fewer downloads than the other plugins. However, at the time of writing, it has an astonishing 4.9/5 rating. I was introduced to The SEO Framework on discussion boards and I switched over to it from Yoast. The SEO Framework is simple and lightweight, it does exactly what it needs to. The SEO settings looks like it came with WordPress. However, to keep it simple, The SEO Framework has the fewest features out of the plugins in this post. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since I can install other plugins to fill the gaps.

Other SEO Plugins

Here are a few other SEO plugins that are either popular or highly rated. I haven’t spent much time with any of these. I didn’t like any of the ones that I tried. Nevertheless, we’re probably looking for different things in SEO plugins, so perhaps you can give these a try.

Tailor-made SEO paths lead Non-SEO Experts to Better Rankings. Experts get unprecedented oversight to overcome…

By Squirrly SEO

4.5 rating based on 444 ratings
20,000+ Active Installs

Configure over 100 separate on-page SEO characteristics. Load around 700 lines of code per page…

By Greg Mulhauser

4.5 rating based on 7 ratings
8,000+ Active Installs


If you’re looking for a simple, lightweight SEO plugin, I recommend The SEO Framework. If you’re looking for a feature-rich and thoroughly tested plugin, try Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack. If you’re looking for unusual features such as URL cloaking or automatic internal linking, SEO Ultimate is your best bet. Once you’ve chosen an SEO plugin, take a look at what other plugins your WordPress blog should have.

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